Wish Lists

Janice Lisle

Jessica Lisle

Matt Lisle

Chappie Lisle

Chappie’s Wish List on Toys-R-Us.com (click on this link)

Greg Lisle

Darren Lisle

Breanna Lisle

  • things I like, zip up hoodies (plain colors), earrings, necklaces, the movie “the Help”
  • Gift cards to Soccer Pro In Pleasant hill, American Eagle, MAC, Starbucks
  • A nice study BIBLE
  • Chocolate classic tall Uggs Size 9 1/2 or 10 not sure
  • Iphone 4s white (if you sell mine, i guess)
  • mascara, oil olay face lotion,
  • nice adidas socks (short ones for running) and nike socks (short)
  • nike sports watch maybe black (not huge more smaller one just so i can watch time while i coach and not my cell
  • Nike shoes from Sports Chalet
  • NIKE FREE RUN+ 2Women’s Running Shoe – SIZE 10
 Logan Lisle
  • Reebok Zig Dynamic Elite – Men’s – BLUE AND BLACK
  • Nike Hoodie
  • athletic shorts with pockets!
  • anything superman, pajamas, boxers, shirt, etc
  • one of those kits for like toothbrush, razor, etc u know what im talking about

Alicia Lisle

Becca Lisle



  1. 1
    blitzen Says:

    all yall wish lists are weak

  2. 3
    Logan Says:

    ok the link for the lamborghini is a horse… thats not wat i asked for

    next on the list: HD Flip video camera- top 2 in my wish list along with the peacoat

    a month’s worth of hushed sea tea… supposed to be good for my palmar hyperhidrosis (sweaty hands)

  3. 4

    looks like 2010 christmas is here-and it looks like derek will be getting yanked out of the games by the 9 reindeer-last year rebecca cruised out with the crown-but this year she most defineatly is going down-curt is no threat and this you can believe-and grandma better not be whining or i will have to ask her to leave-dad your efforts are strong and wee all know you feed on the limelight-but having both of those you still put up no fight-bree you take style and you also bring grace-but thats not going to save you from getting farther than 10th place-darren your good and you like to bring the pain-but your attitude and spark cant compare to my flame-logan with you im worried and honestly concerned-but 2nd place is practiced-my first place is learned-matt your games bring us togethor and they started from you-but your christmas will not be white this year-you can count on blue.the next 2 i call out is brian and jess-get your game organized or deal with your mess.mom you can run a marathon and maybe a miracle mile-but let me ask you this-can you take 5th place with a smile 🙂 MERRY CHRISTMAS

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