Rap Battles

2009 Rap Battles:

Logan Lisle:

Ha Ha Ha.. now listen…Two Thousand & Nine is mine
Funny lookin’ back..watchin’ trevor talkin’ smack
I’m gettin’ ready while he’s sleepin’ with my cat
Livin’ for fourty somethin’ years which is Tim,
Has never been able to touch rim
That’s one less person I need to worry
Derek I’m sorry for always buggin’ you gettin’ into a movie
So when I win, I’ll give you that lcd tv
You all lucky you didn’t talk smack about me last year
I came in 5th, maybe 3rd if I knew my reindeer
And Curt, after 2000, you haven’t been a threat
But keep talkin’ smack… you will regret
Greg, your costume was only 20 bucks
Plus the 10 from Mac Makeup
Gotta give it to Sande, she did pretty good I guess
But remember that all the voting is bs
Becca Becca Becca… you remind me of Noah
Not cuz he’s a guy..but cuz everyone just rains on yuh
Last and yes least.. darren you goin down
Have fun makin your way around
Especially the ones that are beastly
But there’s only one in that category
And that is me.. not bree



in 2005 we had a series of Rap Battles that were EPIC.

Here they are again:

Trevor to Derek:

derek this tournament you think your gonna win…but didnt santa tell you its wrong to lie and sin
when it comes to my game im top shelf, when you stand up to me your about as tall as an elf
when it comes to knowing the reindeers i got this in the bag, and when were  playing connect four im gonna make you look sad
i know you really are gonna try to bring your a game, but this christmas 1 dodson i know is  getting put to shame
so holler at tiff and your siss carlee and tell them to join me for trevs winning after party  

Derek to Trevor

Hey cuz your a clown listen to the dereleke throw it down im the best around
the matty clause tournament is the talk in town and the dodsons are invited to play this round
and please dont frown when i win this year ill keep it low to the ground but itll ring in your ear
please pick up your tears you know you broke my cell phone and your going down

Curt Minges

To all you LOSERS,
Yo …. its word that your smack is weak,  No surprise for a group that acts a geek
O’l Curt’s the force that leaves them crying,  Your delusions of victory I just aint buying
In a few short days I will be coming to town,  And from the youngest to oldest …. your all going down.

Tim Lisle

Looks like Rebecca got her first dose of mental exhaustion..1 down …Matt give her the the last place trophy and a crying towel…
Carlee are you next? It looks like when I walk into G-ma’s it’s only going to be Curt and I playing the games, and I need a lot more competition then that.
In all due respect Curt when is the last time A Concord High Minuteman has won anything? Jog my memory Plllleeeeeeaaaassssssseeeee…..
Maybe when I walk in , you guys can wave to me from the porch and hold the door for me as I strut by and refer to me as SIR Tim……Just an idea….Keep the e-mails coming you guys are only making me stronger and you don’t want that..

Grandma Nancy

Tap, tap, tap – so it’s gonna be rap,So far there’s a gender gapYou e mail rap has hit the house, Stirred up the lion – woke up the mouse
Don’t ignore rappers in the senior class, We might just set you on your ________
Stay on your feet, you gotta be fleet, The name of the game is be ready to compete
Know how to play the reindeer game?, Don’t forget Rudolph or you’ll be lame
Jenga, Racko, UNO and such, How are your skills – how’s your touch?
What about Snow White – dwarf by dwarf, There ain’t no miracles on 34th
Building a house – making a mess, Who wrote about “ Tiny Tim “ It’s o.k. to guess
So come on  up here So Cal – bring it on, Nor Cal people are lookin’ for fun
Curt’s been here before so he is a vet, Call him “Champ”?  I don’t think so……….yet
One, two, three, four – when it’s time to count the score, Go back to school, don’t be a fool – Bottom line Women rule
Matty Clause go! Let’ rap (wrap) all this, Word up sealed with a kiss
Hey, Hey – Ho, Ho, Or should it be Ho, Ho, Ho
P.S.  We all know about Dancer and Prancer, but don’t forget BLITZen

Derek Dodson

This is my response to anyone who has tried to compete with my rappin and rhymin that i started and will now finish.. Tiffany Carlee Rebecca Bree Darren and Trevor are posers and i think they should be punished for attempting to mock my skillz.
See im dereleke a freak from the bay i put it down on all of you in my very own way
this is my last rhyme for the day and when i spit my rhymes its nice and sleek when i beat darren he wont be seen for a week
take a peek at my game when i win these winter games yall be screamin my name
trevor says he’ll put me to shame but hes lucky to make it in the house with out trippen on santas slay
and we all know rebecca will be real real loud but when shes in the losers circle we wont hear a sound
and lately i hear this talk about curt and scott like they something hott  two old high school jocks yet they both forgot
for winners they are not cause this is my spot ill teach you how to walk the walk and talk the talk
i keep it real clean flick you like a jelly bean and ill show you what i mean
the compitition i hear is real rough everyone thinks there oh soo tough
darrens in the mirrior thinkin hes so buff but my rhymes aint no bluff
im takin it home matty clause tournament aint no joke and after i win… ill try and forget you all spoke

Throw it up for the dodsons




  1. 1
    Alicia (Matty Claus' Daughter) Says:

    I’m sooo glad my name isn’t in any of these raps! I guess i’m not a threat…..yet! Love you guys and can’t wait to see you soon!!

  2. 2
    Logan Says:

    did i scare everyone?

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