Official Prize List here is the Official 2009 Matty Claus Prize List. This will be the best in the 10 year History.

(This is all dependent on if I can fund raise another $1,200)

$500 in Gift Cards (Retail Value $500)

LCD TV (Retail Value $799)

Golden State Warriors Tickets (Retail Value $800)

$100 Starbucks

Movie Tickets

Laptop (Retail Value $700)

iTouch (Retail Value $299)

GPS (Retail Value $200)

Chi Hair Straightener (Retail Value $200)

Digital Camera (Retail Value $200)

2010 Matty Claus Calendar (Retail Value $800)

Snuggie (Retail Value $20)


and more…



  1. 1
    janice Says:

    where’s the tummy tuck gift certificate?

  2. 2
    Darren Says:

    matty claus calendar, retail value $800????????????????????

  3. 3
    Toad Says:

    Weak sauce

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