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Today we are OFFICIALLY 7 weeks away from Matty Claus Olympics X, Hopefully you haven’t waited until now to begin your training.

I have been working for the last month to prepare for the 2009 Olympics hoping to make it even grander then any year before.

Please look over the email list, if anyones address is missing or wrong please let me know.

Last years Highlights:

1. Sande upset Greg in the Costume Category

2. Jessica won her first title and in the 9 years no male has won a title outside of the Minges family.

Last year we had an all-time high 32 participants I believe, I need to know if anyone else will be missing or coming this year as soon as you can know.

Last year ran the smoothest of any year. Some things we will be toying with over Thanksgiving Break.

1. The possibility of replacing Connect 4 with Connect 4×4 = making it a 3-4 player game instead of 2

2. The possiblity of adding Jenga Max. Much easier and faster version of one of the Matty Claus favorite games.

The QUIZ will be much different this year. To help eliminate cheating and also give some of the younger ones a shot at it.

Events returning: UNO, Racko, Connect 4, Gingerbread Contest, Scavenger Hunt. Bingo and the Famous Quiz

2007 Winner: Lisa Royere, 2006: Jake Minges, 2005: Breanna Lisle, 2004: Nancy Lisle, 2003: Mary Ann Atwater, 2002 and 2001: Jaime Lisle, 2000: Curt Minges

Darren and Tim have finished in 2nd. (highest finish by males besides the 2 male Champions)

The handbook and study guide will be emailed out the day after Thanksgiving. So look for it in your email boxes.


More info to come…

For those who want to get a jump start here are some websites for you:

http://triviapark.com/quizzes/qzx1x/q1.html- Christmas Quiz

http://www.quizrocket.com/christmas-quiz/- Christmas Quiz

http://www.wilstar.com/xmas/xmasquiz.htm- Christmas Quiz

http://www.carols.org.uk/christmas-quiz.htm- Christmas Quiz

http://www.celebrating-christmas.com/recipes/landscaping.shtml- Gingerbread House Ideas

http://oldrecipebook.com/gingerbreadhouse.shtml- Gingerbread House Ideas

http://www.gingerbreadcontest.com/fun/idea3.cfm- Gingerbread House Ideas



  1. 1
    Sande Says:

    I can’t wait for Matty Claus, havent seen Carlee since January and Derek since the first week of Sept! Thanks Matty for bringing us together and having a blast making memories!!

  2. 2
    carlee Says:

    So excited the site is up and running!!!

  3. 3
    janice Says:

    Carlee…are you coming on a reindeer sled??
    Can’t wait to see you!

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